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About this Whitepaper

A cryptographic inventory is a strategic cybersecurity asset.

While some more sensitive organisations have maintained cryptography inventories for years, the concept has recently become more mainstream thanks to recommendations from standards bodies and industry analysts, and also due to high profile incidents where more careful cryptography management would have prevented or minimized losses. At the same time, organisations with existing inventories are looking to improve their coverage and automation to meet new business goals.

At Cryptosense, we have followed several of our customers as they create or upgrade their cryptography inventory. We have seen that in practice, every organization’s cryptography inventory will be a little different, depending on how and where cryptography is used relative to the business-critical functions of the organization. Indeed, successful cryptography inventory projects typically apply a different methodology to different parts of the application estate or infrastructure, in order to prioritize resources to the most important areas. In this whitepaper, we will discuss the lessons learned from these projects and the best practice approaches that will enable you to guide your own cryptography inventory project.