Foundations in Academic Research

Cryptosense software is based on the academic research carried out over 15 years by Graham Steel. Cryptosense maintains strong academic links with research institutes such as INRIA, University of Edinburgh and University Ca’ Foscari. These relationships allow us to develop better tools and ensure that we provide the most up-to-date crypto coverage possible.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the tools to ensure that crypto everywhere is secure. In addition to using our software tools, you can download our latest whitepapers below, or attend a training course on avoiding crypto risk.

If you have any questions or comments about the whitepapers please let us know at info@cryptosense.com.

Securing HSM Interfaces

In this white paper, we discuss attacks on systems using the PKCS#11 API. We consider what it means for an interface to be secure, and we discuss how to audit applications’ use of the API. There are also concrete examples of attacks.

Java Crypto Security

This whitepaper is intended for developers who use, or are considering using, the Java crypto API, and for application security testers who review crypto security. It is not intended to be an introduction to cryptography, but rather a concise guide for readers familiar with crypto basics.

Download Crypto Security Whitepapers

Find out how to find and fix crypto vulnerabilities in Java and PKCS#11 deployments