Cryptography White Papers


Building a Crypto-Agile Organization

A five step guide to achieving crypto-agility at your organization. In this white paper we discuss why we need crypto-agility and exactly how we should define it. we then give practical guidelines for progressing towards a fully agile state.

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Crypto Inventory White Paper

Cryptography Inventory

How to Build and Maintain a Cryptography Inventory

Learn how to build and maintain a useful cryptography inventory. Enforce a secure cryptographic policy across IT infrastructure, react quickly to security issues, efficiently carry out strategic transformations, such as migrating cryptography services to the cloud, or deploying post-quantum cryptography.

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Java Crypto White Paper

Java Cryptography

Use JCA Securely

This white paper explains how to use the Java crypto API securely, how to avoid common mistakes, and how to audit cryptography in Java applications. It is intended for developers who use, or are considering using, the Java crypto API, and for application security testers who review crypto security.

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HSM Security White Paper

PKCS#11 Cryptography

Use the PKCS#11 API Securely

In this whitepaper, we discuss attacks on systems using the PKCS#11 API. We consider what it means for an interface to be secure, and we discuss how to audit applications’ use of the API. There are also concrete examples of attacks.

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Cloud Cryptography

Choose a CSP and Migrate Securely

This white paper will explain why many businesses are adopting cloud crypto services as they migrate their applications to the public cloud. We will look at what these services do, how to choose a cloud crypto service, and how to migrate an application securely.

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