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Cloud Cryptography: Part 1 – Cloud KMS

Join us for a 30-minute webcast to explore the differences between the cryptography services offered by the ‘big 3’ cloud providers.

In Part 1 we will be discussing in detail how the KMSs offered by Azure, AWS and GCP deal with:
– Asymmetric/Symmetric Master Keys
– Bring your own key
– Encryption Modes
– Signature Modes
– Stored Secrets
– Plaintext Size Limit

We will explain how the services differ and what impact that can have on someone wishing to deploy a multi-cloud solution.

In Part 2, we will discuss alternatives to the CSP KMS services, for example: Cloud HSMs, Unbound, Fortanix, Hashicorp vault etc.

Note: Cryptosense is cloud agnostic, we work with all the major CSPs and we have no bias towards any particular service.

Recording date: 01 October 2020