Watch Cloud Cryptography Webinar – Part 2

Join us for a 30-minute webcast to explore the alternatives to using the cryptography services offered by the ‘big 3′ cloud providers.

In this session, Cryptosense CEO Graham Steel Ph.D. will discuss why you might consider using a third-party cryptography service in your cloud deployment, how to choose one, and how to adopt it securely.

We’ll cover key custody, security, performance, functionality and other aspects of offers from vendors like Unbound, Futurex, Utimaco, Fortanix, Hashicorp vault etc., and how they integrate with the CSPs’ services.

Finally, we’ll look at adoption for green-field and brown-field projects, and how to maintain visibility and control over the whole cryptographic chain from data to master keys.

If you have any questions about alternatives to cloud KMS, get in touch.

Part 1 in this series, covered cloud KMS services offered by AWS, Azure and GCP, you can watch the recording of that session here.

Note: Cryptosense is cloud agnostic, we work with all the major CSPs and third party vendors and we have no bias towards any particular service.