Getting started with Analyzer for PKCS#11

1. Download Fuzzer

download pkcs11 fuzzer

Download the Fuzzer from your account at by clicking “Download Fuzzer”. Ensure the device is connected and initialized. Find out the location of its PKCS#11 driver DLL and the user PIN code.

2. Run Fuzzer

run P11 tracer

Run Cryptosense Fuzzer using its default settings $ cs-fuzzer --dll DLL --pin PIN --output mydevice.cst to generate data for the analysis. You may want to read the fuzzer HOWTO, or the reference manual.

3. Generate Report

upload your CST file

Upload your new CST file to your account at Choose a crypto profile, then click “Generate Report” to start the analysis.

Questions? See our Support Pages for more information. Or get in touch with our support staff.