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May 2022

This Month:

  • Free version of Cryptosense Analyzer now available
  • Another Biden memo on PQC
  • Notable talks at the RWC Conference 2022
  • Let's meet up in San Francisco!

Free version of Cryptosense Analyzer now available
We're excited to announce that we've launched a free tier. The free version of Cryptosense Analyzer allows you to scan filesystems and containers for cryptographic artifacts such as keys and certificates. In your free account you'll find sample data from the 50 most popular Docker containers so you can get an idea of the kind of stuff we can find.

We've also opened a new community forum where you can ask the experts on our team for help with your cryptography related issues.

Another Biden memo on PQC
On May 4th President Biden issued another memo on post-quantum cryptography  going into more detail on how to move forward with your preparation. The new memo lays out specific requirements for crypto-inventories and recognizes an "imperative role" for crypto-agility. As before, the memo contains ambitious timescales, perhaps more ambitious than before given the current geopolitical climate.

Our white paper: Building a Crypto-Agile Organisation outlines a five-step approach to PQC preparedness. Or, for those with less time on their hands, we also have a one-page "cheat sheet" on crypto-inventory.  

Notable talks at the RWC Conference 2022
A talk by David Ott at RWC really caught our attention entitled "Where Is the Research on Cryptographic Transition and Agility". It's a good point.

Let's meet up in San Fransisco!
Graham is heading to San Fransisco for RSA week (June 6-10) and he's keen to connect, just like the good old days! We'll have a private meeting room Tuesday-Thursday and are taking bookings to talk post-quantum cryptography preparation, cryptography management, cryptography inventory, cloud crypto migration and more...

Reply to this email or use our contact form if you're available to meet up. He's especially looking forward to meeting in person some of the Zoom contacts we've made over the last few years.

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Graham and the Cryptosense Team