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May 2020

This month:

  • Is Zoom finally secure?
  • Migrating keys to the cloud without rewriting code
  • New webinar series - Building a Cryptography Inventory
  • ANSSI TLS recommendations
  • Eurocrypt Highlights

Is Zoom Finally Secure?

First everyone was talking about their bad encryption, then their takeover of Keybase; now the new version of Zoom has GCM encryption, so you should upgrade if you use it. Questions about end-to-end encryption and key management don't seem to be answered though...

Migrating Secrets to the Cloud without Rewriting Code
After hearing from so many customers about the painful process of migrating keys from legacy applications, we decided to step up and do something to help. You can now select any application key right inside Cryptosense Analyzer and simply press a button to migrate it to the CSP of your choice. There's a 2 minute demo of how it works right here.

Webinar Series - Building a Cryptography Inventory
Following some great feedback on our Cryptography Failures webinar series, we decided to make a new series on another hot topic - Cryptography Inventory. In this series, our CEO Graham Steel explains everything you need to know to get your inventory project off the ground and running.

The French security institution ANSSI have published new recommendations for TLS. Why is that interesting? Despite being France focussed, the ANSSI have real experience of state-level actor attack capabilities, so it’s interesting to see what they recommend. If you want to check if your servers are compliant, we've updated our (free) crypto service discovery tool to include their recommendations.

Eurocrypt Highlights
This year's Eurocrypt conference was held fully remote for the first time. We particularly enjoyed the Rump session, including songs, pub quiz, Coronavirus tracking app attacks, cigar smoking etc.

That's all for this month, if we missed anything noteworthy please let us know.

Graham and the Cryptosense Team