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February 2022

This Month:

  • Biden sets a PQC Deadline
  • Our five-step plan to "crypto-agility"
  • Learn Cryptography - Our free online course
  • Cryptographic security in the software supply chain

President Biden Sets a PQC Deadline
The US Government has added a new urgency to the race to prepare for the advent of quantum computing, and as a consequence, post-quantum cryptography. Biden's memo gives federal agencies only 180 days to "identify any instances of encryption not in compliance with NSA-approved Quantum Resistant Algorithms”.

This essentially means that you have to have a full, accurate cryptography inventory within 180 days. If you're already registered for the Cryptosense Knowledge Base, you can read our PQC Preparation Guide here. Otherwise register here for full access.

Our Five-Step Plan to "Crypto-Agility"
We believe that crypto-agility is more than simply switching algorithms at will. As Isaac Kohn wrote in a recent blog post we need to "develop crypto agility as both a mindset and in technology processes so that teams may more easily switch between systems and accelerate the transition to quantum-safe solutions."

Our next webinar on February 24th will cover this subject in more detail and we'll outline a five-step plan that you can follow to achieve crypto-agility. Register here for the webinar. Everyone who registers will get the recording so don't worry if you can't attend live, also feel free to email us with your questions if you can't attend.  

Cryptography Online Course
As part of an initiative to make expert cryptography knowledge more widely available, Graham has recorded a free four-part cryptography training course. Get started here with part one where we talk about cryptography risk.

Cryptographic Security in the Software Supply Chain
Supply-chain security is a multi-faceted issue that is occupying some of the best minds in security engineering right now. In a recent blog post, Graham discusses some of the best ways to ensure that we're securing our supply chain, especially when it comes to testing third-party applications.

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Graham and the Cryptosense Team