Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC)

Prepare yourself for PQC and protect your data

Computers that exploit quantum mechanical properties offer the promise of (supposedly) unbreakable cryptography and other exciting applications, but they will also cause a huge, immediate problem: the day a large, practical quantum computer is developed, all existing widely-used asymmetric cryptography will be broken.

Post-Quantum Cryptography involves algorithms that run on classical computers, but are resistant to attack both by classical and quantum ones. A process is underway at NIST to standardise these algorithms so that the transition can start before large quantum computers become available. Here you can find links to our resources on post-quantum crypto, and how to start preparing by building your cryptographic inventory.

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What is PQC?

The advent of quantum computing makes cracking public key encryption entirely possible. What does this mean for the security of our existing data? How do we prepare ourselves to live in the post-quantum age?

What is the latest PQC news?

Recent reports by ENISA (European equivalent to NIST) and the Cloud Security Alliance provide an interesting insight into the current state of the competition to create a new quantum-resistant algorithm.

Post-Quantum Cryptography Solution Brief

Preparing for pqc

In this solution briefing, we explain why you likely need to start planning your migration now, why investing in good cryptography management is the key to this preparation, and what other benefits this will have for your organisation.

In short, PQC is best seen as an opportunity to improve cryptography management in order to achieve a number of business benefits, including more robust security, fewer compliance failures and easier audits, fewer outages, and, when the time comes, a smooth migration to PQC.

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