FedRAMP Audits

Demonstrate compliance with NIST SP800-53 IA-7, SC-12 and SC-13 cryptography requirements

Supplying cloud-based services to the Federal Government requires compliance with the FedRAMP standards. These cover a host of security issues, but in particular make requirements on cryptography: you have to use FIPS 140-2 validated modules wherever cryptography is needed. Cryptosense Analyzer Platform can make compliance easy: first, by identifying all non-compliant cryptography in an application, and then, after remediation, by providing an audit report showing where compliant cryptography is used.

FIPS Compliance & FedRAMP Audits

Learn about the FedRAMP cryptography requirements and why compliance is not as simple as adding a new crypto provider, particularly when using software cryptography in Java.

Our FIPS Cryptography Cheat Sheet summarizes the requirements on cryptography an application must respect if it is to use only FIPS 140 approved cryptographic modules.

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Simplify Cryptography Compliance

Easily demonstrate compliance with IA-7, SC-12 and SC-13 cryptography requirements using Cryptosense's Analyzer Platform.

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