FedRAMP Audits

Demonstrate compliance with IA-7 cryptography requirements

Supplying cloud-based services to the Federal Government requires compliance with the FedRAMP standards. These cover a host of security issues, but in particular make requirements on cryptography: you have to use FIPS 140-2 validated modules wherever cryptography is needed. Cryptosense Analyzer Platform can make compliance easy: first, by identifying all non-compliant cryptography in an application, and then, after remediation, by providing an audit report showing where compliant cryptography is used.

FIPS Compliance & FedRAMP Audits

Learn about the FedRAMP cryptography requirements and why compliance is not as simple as adding a new crypto provider, particularly when using software cryptography in Java.

Simplify Cryptography Compliance

Easily demonstrate compliance with IA-7 cryptography requirements using Cryptosense's Analyzer Platform.

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