Cryptosense FAQ 

What does Cryptosense do?

What does Cryptosense do?

Cryptosense is a software company. We provide a tool that automates cryptography lifecycle management called Cryptosense Analyzer Platform (CAP). 

Who are Cryptosense’s customers?

Our customers are mainly large organizations that have complex IT infrastructure and strict compliance obligations, such as financial services firms, technology companies and banks.

What is Cryptography Lifecycle Management?

CLM is a combination of technologies and practices that allow an organization to control the ways that cryptography is used throughout their applications and infrastructure. At its heart is a dedicated CLM tool, where cryptography usage information is gathered, analytics are produced, and automated actions triggered. Cryptosense Analyzer Platform (CAP) is the leading CLM software, trusted by global banks, financial services firms and technology companies worldwide.

Why do you test cryptography? I thought it was always secure.

When perfectly implemented and maintained, cryptography provides security we can rely on. However, tiny errors in its usage can lead to total loss of protection, and our increasing reliance on cryptography means that these mistakes now carry significant financial and reputational risks. These errors are easy to make and hard to detect.

What are the business benefits of CLM?

Any organization that does not have full visibility on exactly how their cryptography is being used and managed is unable to accurately quantify and assess risk. Properly implemented CLM allows you to assess the state of security in your applications and infrastructure at any time, and optimise remediation efforts when required.

What is the Cryptosense Analyzer Platform (CAP)?

CAP is an analysis platform that takes input from a number of agents and combines the results to provide 360° visibility on the cryptography that secures your sensitive data.

What visibility does CAP offer?

CLM gives the security team visibility on all the encryption, signature and other operations they are using every time a user is authenticated, code is signed, a network security transaction occurs, or cryptography is used anywhere for any purpose; as well as the keys, certificates and data involved. It allows instant analysis of this information for security and compliance, and the ability to take action smoothly to change the way cryptography is used.

What makes CAP different?

Cryptosense is built on academic research and a fierce determination to provide the best technical solution on the market. We’re proud to be transparent about exactly what our tool does and how it works.

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CAP is a complete cryptography management platform. By combining analysis of cryptography throughout your infrastructure it gives you powerful insight into how you use cryptography with multiple business benefits.