Cryptosense FAQ 


Can CAP be scaled to a large environment with thousands of end points?

Yes. Tracers can be deployed at scale leveraging DevOps management tools, such as CI managers Jenkins and GitHub actions, build engines like Gradle and Maven, etc. Scaled-up use of the filesystem scanner can be facilitated with tools like Tanium. The collection and organisation of large amounts of data is accommodated by the platform that features customizable data retention rules, and multiple levels of hierarchy (slots, projects, and organisations) for structuring scan results and producing statistical summaries.

Does CAP support enforcement of a centralized cryptography policy?

Yes. CAP allows policies to be defined for the whole organisation or for specific sets of applications. There are a number of pre-set policies available, including FIPS, PCI-DSS and ENISA policies, as well as a full capability to create customized policies for your organization.

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CAP is a complete cryptography management platform. By combining analysis of cryptography throughout your infrastructure it gives you powerful insight into how you use cryptography with multiple business benefits.