Cryptosense FAQ 

Cryptography Discovery

Does CAP support central data collection?

Yes. All data in CAP instances can be queried through the GraphQL API, and the data collected centrally in any standard data analytics tool like Splunk or ELK.

What kinds of certificates can CAP detect?

CAP software contains an extensive parser for x.509 certificates and detects all formats including der or pem, encrypted or unencrypted certificates: PKCS#12 ( .p12, pfx), PKCS*7 (.p7b, .p7c, .p7), PEM (.cer, .crt, .der, .pem).

Can CAP detect certificate usage?

Yes, CAP can identify certificate usage from the appropriate usage attributes in the x.509 certificate, and in addition, CAP application tracers can see exactly what operations certificates are used for inside applications.

Can CAP identify which algorithms are being used?

Yes. CAP application tracers report all the calls made to cryptographic libraries, including identifying the algorithms used. CAP static scanners find calls to particular library interfaces which in many cases can also identify the algorithm used.

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CAP is a complete cryptography management platform. By combining analysis of cryptography throughout your infrastructure it gives you powerful insight into how you use cryptography with multiple business benefits.