Cloud Cryptography Comparison

Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure

Finding out exactly what cryptography the big three CSPs offer isn’t easy, so we’ve made this infographic to help you understand the main differences between AWS KMS, Google Cloud KMS and Microsoft Azure Key Vault.

The data in this infographic is based on Part 1 of our blog series comparing the cloud crypto providers. We’ve also written about controlling access to keys, and logging crypto operations.

cloud cryptography comparison - AWS KMS, Google Cloud KMS, Microsoft Azure Key Vault

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Free Cloud Crypto Comparison 90 Minute Workshop, available on-premise or via web conference.

We will explain the major differences between the CSPs offerings with regard to:
– Keys, encryption modes, infrastructure and cloud HSMs;
– Bring your own key & Bring your own HSM;
– Controlling access to keys;
– Logging crypto operations.

The workshop is cloud agnostic. It will be delivered by Dr. Graham Steel, CEO of Cryptosense. Download the Cloud Crypto Comparison Workshop brochure.

Read our Cloud Comparison Articles

In these articles, Graham Steel explains in detail how the big three cloud service providers (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure) differ in their provision of cloud cryptography.

Part 1 covers the basics: key types, operation modes etc.

Part 2 covers controlling access to keys.

Part 3 covers logging crypto operations.

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