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What is Cryptography Lifecycle Management and Why do I need it?

Sam Ross-Gower
July 6, 2021

Cryptography is an essential enabling technology for modern business: without it we would not be able to protect our sensitive data or carry out authentication. When perfectly implemented and maintained, cryptography provides security we can rely on. However, detailed errors in its usage can lead to total loss of protection, and our increasing reliance on cryptography means that these mistakes now carry significant financial and reputational risks.

Any organization that does not have full visibility on exactly how their cryptography is being used and managed is unable to quantify and assess the risks of, for example, accidentally using cryptography insecurely in application code, or mis-managing keys or certificates; you cannot measure what you cannot see. They will also struggle to respond to compliance audits that demand evidence of well-managed cryptographic controls, and have trouble meeting transformation goals, for example to adopt Cloud or DevOps practices.   

Cryptography Lifecycle Management (CLM) has evolved to solve this problem. CLM is a combination of technologies and practices that allow an organization to control the ways that cryptography is used throughout their applications and infrastructure. At its heart is a dedicated CLM tool, where cryptography usage information is gathered, analytics are produced, and automated actions triggered. Cryptosense Analyzer Platform (CAP) is the leading CLM software, trusted by global banks, financial services firms and technology companies worldwide. 

Visibility and Control

Properly implemented, CLM gives the security team visibility on all the encryption, signature and other operations they are using every time a user is authenticated, code is signed, a network security transaction occurs, or cryptography is used anywhere for any purpose; as well as the keys, certificates and data involved. It allows instant analysis of this information for security and compliance, and the ability to take action smoothly to change the way cryptography is used.

CLM brings several business benefits:

  • Robustness - more widespread encryption use protects against data leaks.
  • Resilience - cryptography inventory allows fast response to key or certificate compromise.
  • Compliance - always up-to-date audit reports for data governance and crypto compliance.
  • Innovation - adopt DevOps and Cloud without losing control of data protection.
  • Future-Proofing - be ready to roll out post-quantum cryptography.

What would CLM look like in your organisation?

Cryptosense’s CLM Maturity Model allows you to assess your current cryptography management practices. From the results we can help you identify a rollout plan with the optimal time to value and long-term benefit, that takes advantage of existing assets and tools.

Contact sales@cryptosense.com to request a copy of our CLM Maturity Model.