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Cryptosense Automates PCI-DSS Cryptography Audit for a World-Leading Financial Services Firm

Graham Steel
June 20, 2019

A recent success story for Cryptosense is our roll-out with a large global player in the ATM (cash machine) network. Since this firm is considered a Service Provider in the PCI regulations, they have regular audits to pass which contain a lot of requirements on cryptography: full cartography of applications, compliance with NIST standards etc.

This used to take our customer a lot of time and resources, but since our Analyzer platform doesn't just report cryptographic issues but correct, compliant use of cryptography, it's the ideal tool to take over this job and free up resources for more productive tasks. The reports produced by the Analyzer are produced automatically thanks to our integration with Maven in CI, and contain coverage information to validate the testing. We worked with 3key Company to deliver the install.