Cryptosense Analyzer Platform (CAP)

Venafi Integration

CAP x Venafi

In this demo you can see how Cryptosense Analyzer integrates directly with Venafi.

Certificates found by Cryptosense scans can be reconciled directly with your Venafi Database, and missing certificates can be added directly to Venafi.

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Avoid Certificate Outages

Cryptosense Analyzer Platform (CAP) solves the problem of outages by providing full observability on cryptography, including certificates and other machine identifies.

Many large organisations use Venafi to manage certificate renewals, but still suffer occasional certificate outages or similar issues.

There are several causes behind this:

  • Enterprise IT is evolving thanks to new technologies that speed up the software development lifecycle, yet this creates challenges for existing certificate management procedures.
  • Heterogeneity of IT means certificates are consumed in many different ways, making it hard to retain end-to-end visibility on the renewal process.

Outage Root Causes:

  • Developers self-issue "shadow certificates" such as LetsEncrypt or Digicert certificates, and these move untracked into production.
  • Third-party code includes untracked or hard-coded certificates.
  • New certificates are placed in the wrong keystore, or the application is not restarted to trigger a keystore reload.

Underlying all these is a lack of full visibility on certificates and their use, and a lack of automations to use this visibility information.

Visibility on Certificate Use 

Request a demo to learn more about our Venafi integration.

CAP's filesystem scanner provides far greater coverage than CMS discovery tools, looking inside encrypted keystores, bytecode, binaries and container images to find missing certificates and keys.

Use with CAP application tracers to gain visibility on how certificates are used, right down to the line of code that makes the call, to obtain actionable information on how to avoid renewal issues and non-compliances.

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