Cryptosense Analyzer is the first tool on the market to integrate cryptography testing into the development lifecycle

Many agile development, and cloud migration projects are slowed down by expensive, error-prone manual analysis. Application security testing using Cryptosense Analyzer allows companies to reduce costs by automating testing for vulnerabilities caused by misuse of crypto.

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Continuous, Automated Crypto Security Testing.

Advantages – Promote a Secure Development Policy

Build cryptographically secure applications early in the development cycle

Use our Jenkins plugin to run Analyzer on every build your developers make. Verify that they’re using the best encryption methods, correct flaws, iterate throughout the cycle. Findings can be exported in a number of ways for easy integration into CI/CD workflows.

Track crypto KPIs as you reduce your application security risk

The Cryptosense Analyzer platform provides convenient project statistics to help you measure crypto KPIs. JSON export allows you to monitor KPIs in any program you choose.

Track cryptographic flaws in your QA process

Make sure you apply industry standard encryption and don’t leave any weak cryptography in your applications.

Monitor your entire application estate

Cross-project statistics give you a broad view of the cryptographic vulnerabilities in your estate and allow you to monitor remediation progress.

Reduce time spent on remediations

Statistics from 5 recent client deployments averaged less than 1 false positive for 1,000 findings. Spend your time on real problems, not sorting false positives from real vulnerabilities.

Ensure correct policy is being followed

A secure SDLC relies on your own encryption best practices. Analyzer allows you build custom crypto analysis profiles based on company policy and make sure all applications are tested to this policy.