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From large enterprises who want to leverage their cryptography team’s expertise at scale, to smaller organisations who need state-of-the-art cryptography review for certain applications, we have pricing to suit all use cases.

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  • Standard
  • Single user, audit application cryptography
  • $595/month/app
  • Crypto usage vulnerabilities
  • Crypto library vulnerabilities
  • Remediation advice
  • Project crypto stats
  • Unlimited tests and reports
  • Java, OpenSSL & PKCS#11 APIs
  • Paid annually, one application. Monthly $795/mo
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  • Premium
  • For teams, use your own crypto policy
  • $1195/month/app
  • Everything in Standard, plus:
  • Multiple users
  • Shared projects
  • Account crypto stats
  • Crypto expert support
  • Custom crypto policies
  • Paid annually, one application. Monthly $1595/mo
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  • Premium+
  • Integrate into CI/CD cycle and monitoring tools
  • $1495/month/app
  • Everything in Premium, plus:
  • JSON export
  • Jenkins plugin
  • Gradle plugin
  • Custom domain for web
  • Paid annually, one application. Monthly $1949/mo
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  • Enterprise
  • On-premise, custom rules, deploy at scale
  • On request
  • Everything in Premium+, plus:
  • LDAP/AD integration
  • Analysis rule customization
  • Organization crypto stats
  • User & project management
  • White labelling
  • Annual on-premise license. Price varies with options chosen.
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Our automated audit platform helps large enterprises to leverage their crypto team’s expertise at scale across their complex, ever-changing infrastructure.

Smaller organisations needing state-of-the-art crypto review for a particular project benefit from the convenience of our SaaS edition and our expert support.

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