Certificate Discovery for DevSecOps

Automating Machine Identity Management and Discovery

Prevent Certificate Outages

Cryptosense Analyzer is a complete cryptography management solution. It offers full observability on cryptography, including certificates and other machine identifies.

If you are planning a migration to cloud cryptography, you can also check which keys would be suitable for direct use as a bring-your-own key in cloud crypto services.

Analyzer Screenshot - Inventory

Automating Machine Identity Management in DevSecOps

Once CAP is integrated with data sources and destinations, key productivity workflows can be automated, for example:

  • Add found certificates to Venafi under certain conditions.
  • Fail a build if unmanaged certificates are included.
  • Register an issue in Jira for an unmanaged certificate.
  • Alert on any scan containing a certificate that will expire in <3 months without a replacement.

Visibility on Certificate Use 

CAP's filesystem scanner integrates with our application tracers providing visibility on how certificates are used, from which line of code, and giving actionable information. Thanks to this integration, our filesystem scanner is able to provide greater coverage on certificate use than you would get by using a CMS Discovery Tool alone. 

Cryptosense x Venafi

CAP now integrates directly with Venafi.
Certificates found by Cryptosense scans can be reconciled directly with Venafi Database. Missing certs can be added directly to Venafi.

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