Cryptosense Analyzer Platform (CAP)

Hardware Fuzzing

CAP contains a state-of-the art HSM fuzzer that reveals any vulnerabilities or errors in HSM implementations and configuration. Our PKCS#11 module shows you all the calls an application makes to the HSM, including all the keys that are stored there and how they are protected and used.

Use an HSM Securely

Hardware-based cryptography is a core technology for controlling risk in potentially hostile environments such as mobile, cloud and Internet of things.

However, choosing, configuring, deploying and securely using a cryptographic device like a Hardware Security Module (HSM) is far from simple. A small mistake in the details can lead to a complete loss of security.

Mutation Based Fuzzing Engine

Our adaptative mutation-based fuzzing engine explores the corner-cases of the PKCS#11 standard as implemented in the device under test. The results are passed through more than 100 compliance and vulnerability filters to detect anomalies and weaknesses like CVE-2015-5464 and CVE-2015-6924. This facilitates security testing of vendors equipment before procurement as well as evaluation of firmware updates and configuration changes.

In-depth coverage

Thanks to our experience testing PKCS#11implementations, we know where tolook for corner cases in the API. Our100+ compliance rules cover all the keymanagementfunctions and requirementson attributes detailed in easy-to-missfootnotes in the standard.

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State-of-the-art tool for finding and fixing cryptographic vulnerabilities in PKCS#11


Hardware Fuzzing Use Cases