FIPS Compliance at the Speed of DevOps

Achieve and Demonstrate FIPS-140 compliance with ease

Deploy Faster

Get your software out faster and save valuable time spent searching for and fixing FIPS violations.

Simplify Audits

CAP generates reports for your audits so everyone can get on with their work faster.

Iterate With Confidence

CAP continues to provide visibility and assessments in CI/CD so you can update and iterate at pace and in compliance with FIPS-140.

FIPS Application Cryptography Audit in DevOps

As organisations adopt DevOps and build out their CI/CD tool chains, they must ensure that they can conduct compliance audits at speed and on-demand. The Cryptosense Analyser Platform (CAP) is the only tool on the market today that can automate discovery of FIPS violations in applications and provide remediation advice.

By providing deep run-time cryptographic discovery, CAP can show you exactly why your app crashes in “FIPS mode” and how to fix it. The powerful visibility offered by CAP speeds up the development process and ensures greater security for your sensitive data.

CAP enables you to achieve FIPS compliance at the speed of DevOps; giving you rapid and precise feedback on exactly what violations exist in your code and guidance on how to address them so you can get your software out faster and with confidence. 

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Run Discovery During Test Phase 

CAP shows you what cryptographic calls your app is making: the libraries, the keys involved, and their precise operations; giving you a thorough inventory of exactly how it uses cryptography.

Instantly Report on FIPS Compliance

Finally get deep insight into where your application is and isn’t following FIPS policy. CAP maps the discovery results against its inbuilt FIPS-profile so you can see exactly how to get compliant.

Remediate all FIPS Violations

Delegate clear tasks to your team based on the results. Push these through a ticketing system like JIRA. Then proceed with confidence and with reporting that demonstrates your compliance.

FIPS Cryptography "Cheat Sheet"

Our tips to help you pass your audits quickly and efficiently
This document summarizes the requirements on cryptography an application must respect if it is to use only FIPS 140 approved cryptographic modules. These are the properties checked by default in the Cryptosense Analyzer FIPS profile.