Cryptosense Analyzer Platform (CAP)

Filesystem Scanning

Cryptosense Analyzer Platform provides the ability to scan filesystems, containers, and network protocols, giving a global, always up-to-date, single-dashboard view of how cryptography is used across enterprise IT.

Demonstrate Secure Cryptography

Companies that handle sensitive data are frequently required to demonstrate to internal or external auditors that they use cryptography appropriately as part of their data protection strategy.

An automated, up-to-date Cryptography Inventory provides this evidence.

Comprehensive Scanning

Plenty of tools scan filesystems for certificates, but only CAP can also trace inside applications to show you which ones are used, and what they are used for.

By combining application scanning with filesystem scanning you get powerful insights into how your cryptographic assets are being used and stored. This avoids wasting time on false positives, and allows you to prioritize critical certificates that need management.

Objects included in a CAP cryptography inventory:

Filesystem Scanning Datasheet

Building and Maintaining an Automated Inventory of Cryptography


Filesystem Scanning Use Cases