REST API – Integration with CI workflow

A Simple Web API for fully Automated Cryptography Audits

More and more organizations are looking to streamline automated security testing as part of their Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) or DevSecOps process.

CI/CD requires that all security testing tools be invoked programmatically and their results aggregated in a single place. At Cryptosense, we use CI/CD ourselves and we know how convenient it is. So, naturally, our Analyzer tool has a fully functional, simple to use API that allows cryptographic security reports to be generated on builds automatically.

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Flexible Automation and ready-to-go CI/CD plugins

You can use the API to submit traces, request analysis and select the policy to be used. The results are delivered in a JSON format which can be integrated into automations, or you can use one of our plugins to process the results in your build manager. We currently offer a Gradle plugin for adding Cryptosense tracing to a test and a Jenkins plugin for fetching and interpreting the results. Documentation for our API is available to permit integration into other workflows.

flexible cryptography integrates into CI/CD