Enforce your Corporate Cryptography Policies

custom cryptography policy

Cryptography policies are used by Cryptosense Analyzer to measure the performance of your application. You can use a pre-configured policy, or create your own. Premium plans and above allow you to define the cryptographic risk profile against which your applications will be tested.

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Enforce your Corporate Crypto Policy

The settings for more than 45 cryptographic rules can be personalized in order to adapt Analyzer to your company’s internal policy or preferences. Rule categories include key lengths, algorithms, key management practices, use of cryptography, and more!

custom policy creation

Test your Applications against Standard Policies (NIST, ENISA etc.) or use Cryptosense’s ‘Best Practice’ Policy

If you don’t want to build your own policy you can choose to use one of the pre-configured standard cryptographic profiles. Standard cryptographic policies such as NIST or ENISA are available in Cryptosense Analyzer for all license plans. Facilitate your compliance testing or use the public standards as a benchmark. The Cryptosense ‘best practice’ policy is updated each year. It is our recommendation based on in-house cryptography expertise and the state-of-the-art in applied cryptography.

Create as many Profiles as you need, Manage Access

Your Analyst and Admin users can create as many profiles as they need. These profiles are then made available to Testers on a per project basis. A single project can use several different profiles if required.