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Today’s applications often involve dozens of libraries, dependencies and framework components all of which may use cryptography for some of their functionality. Getting a handle on the keys and cryptography in use is difficult. Documentation is rarely complete and code review for a million-line application is too laborious. Legacy software can be even more difficult to deal with.

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Cryptosense’s tracing approach sees all the calls to the crypto libraries made by an application, including the those made by framework components and libraries. In the report, Analyzer gives a full summary of the crypto operations seen in the trace, including information on algorithms, keys, key lengths, key storage, and cryptographic libraries used for each operation.

Use Cryptosense Maps to demonstrate Compliance and Plan Changes

Our cryptography summary reports allow you to demonstrate compliance with standards requiring the use of specific cryptographic algorithms and keylengths. For example: FIPS or PCI-DSS. They are also useful when planning refactoring around new crypto libraries or cloud crypto services.

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Cryptosense Analyzer audits your applications and infrastructure to find vulnerabilities and understand your crypto landscape. Use it to optimise bug-fix resources and demonstrate compliance.