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Everything you need to run your Cryptography Security Audit

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expert cryptography support

Expert Support

Use Cryptosense Knowledge Base to easily share cryptographic know-how with your developers. Benefit from on-demand technical support from our experts.

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cartography of crypto in application

Crypto Cartography

Discover exactly what cryptography your application is using, use Cryptosense maps to demonstrate compliance and plan changes.

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design custom crypto policy

Custom Policies

Enforce your corporate crypto policy by building your own testing policy within Analyzer.

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REST API continuous development DevSecOps


Use our REST API to streamline automated security testing as part of your Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) or DevSecOps process.

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crypto vulns low false positive rate

Low False Positive Rate

Get straight to the real vulnerabilities. Our software has a False Positive Rate of less than 1 per 1000.

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crypto vulnerability assessment software easy installation

Easy Install

No need to recompile. Get a Cryptography Audit of your application in just a few minutes.

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LDAP integration

LDAP Integration

Link smoothly with your IAM, using our Active Directory integration and other LDAP servers.

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custom crypto rules

Custom Rules

Extend Analyzer’s coverage by building your own cryptographic security rules.

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