Cryptography Audit in CI

Add cryptographic vulnerability assessment to CI/CD toolchain

Cryptography in DevSecOps

As organisations move to shorten their product cycles by adopting DevOps practices and technologies such as CI/CD, they need to make sure their security and compliance audits keep pace.

Cryptography is a particular concern, especially in regulated industries: audits to show cryptography is securely used typically require specialized human expertise.

Integrate in CI/CD

Thanks to its fast analysis time, full API and ready-to-use plugins, Cryptosense Analyzer integrates smoothly into CI/CD pipelines, with multiple benefits.

Eliminate Cryptography Errors

Reduce risk around cryptography use by applying adding state of the art cryptographic security analysis to automated security testing.

Control Secrets Management

Check that applications are using the right certificates, keys and secrets in deployment

Demonstrate Continuous Compliance

Get an audit report for your applications showing crypto compliance with regimes like FedRAMP and PCI-DSS at any time.

Java Cryptography White Paper

Implementing cryptography is difficult.
This white paper explains how to use the Java crypto API securely, how to avoid common mistakes, and how to audit cryptography in Java applications.

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