Securing Cloud Native Applications

Full visibility on cryptography use inside applications

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Secure Data in the Cloud

The adoption of public and hybrid cloud by organisations with sensitive data to protect is accelerating, and cloud service providers and third-parties offer a myriad of encryption and key-management services to help keep data encrypted. However, security and compliance teams struggle to get visibility and control on the use of these services to allow them to enforce data protection policy across green field and brown field cloud migration projects.

Full Visibility

Cryptosense Analyzer offers full visibility on all cloud crypto use in applications, including the main CSP KMS and Cloud HSP services, and well as third party virtual and physical CloudHSMs using interfaces such as PKCS#11.

Integrating Cryptosense Analyzer in your cloud security tooling gives you several benefits.

Full Visibility on Keys

End-to-end visibility on cloud data encryption, from the data through the code, the data key and the master key to the master key management policy - allows workloads to be controlled for compliance with the organisation’s data protection policy.

Eliminate Errors

Visibility on the use of encryption in common CSP services such as block storage (e.g AWS S3) and key management (e.g. Azure KeyVault) - eliminates developer errors that can lead to sensitive data being decrypted in an attack.

Certificate Inventory

Inventory of certificates and secrets used by the application - reduces the risk of outage or compromise.

Cloud KMS Comparison White Paper

Choose a CSP and Migrate Securely
Many businesses are adopting cloud crypto services as they migrate their applications to the public cloud. In this white paper we will look at what these services do, how to choose a cloud crypto service, and how to migrate an application securely.

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