Simplifying Cryptography Management

Cryptosense Analyzer Platform (CAP) keeps your sensitive data secure by giving you visibility, control and management of all your cryptography.

Cryptosense Analyzer

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What does CAP do?

Vulnerability Scanning

CAP assesses an application’s use of cryptography by examining all cryptographic operations. You set your own data encryption policy, then CAP shows you where in the stacktrace vulnerabilities have been found and suggests remediations.

Useful for: adding cryptographic vulnerability assessment to CI/CD toolchain, penetration testing, audit reporting, enforcing data protection policy.

Cryptography Inventory

CAP’s unique tracing technology sees all the calls to the crypto libraries made by an application and provides a full inventory of the crypto operations used, including information on algorithms, keys, key lengths, key storage, and cryptographic libraries used for each operation.

Useful for: assessing policy compliance, audit reporting.

Certificate Scanning

Plenty of tools scan filesystems for certificates, but only CAP can also trace inside applications to show you which ones are used, and what for.

Useful for: Avoiding wasting time on false positives, prioritising critical certificates that need management.

Key Inventory

CAP shows every key that an application uses, and lets you deep dive on every operation to see how it is stored, where in the code it is used, and exactly what it is doing.

Useful for: preparing application cloud migration, improving secrets management, end-to-end visibility on data encryption.

HSM Tracing

Our PKCS#11 smart tracer gives you not just the calls to the HSM, but reconstruction of cryptographic operations, and full details of the keys that are referenced.

Useful for: migrating from legacy HSMs to new cloud-based services, getting full visibility on existing HSM use for brown-field projects.

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