Simplifying Cryptography Management

Cryptosense Analyzer Platform (CAP) keeps your sensitive data secure by giving you full visibility, control and management of ALL your cryptographic assets.

Cryptosense Analyzer integrates data from applications, keystores, flesystems, networks and secure hardware.

Cryptosense Analyzer Platform

By combining analysis of cryptographic assets throughout your infrastructure, Cryptosense Analyzer Platform (CAP) gives you powerful insight into how you use cryptography. From encrypting data at rest or in transit to signing and verifying code, from application cryptography to keys and certificates, and from cloud crypto services to secure hardware, CAP gives you full visibility, vulnerability and compliance analysis in one place. It also suggests remediation actions and integrates with issue trackers, CI/CD tools and other security software to enable and track continuous improvement of your cryptographic security posture.

Use CAP's insights to enable transformation projects such as adopting cloud, to speed up the deployment cycle without compromising on data protection and compliance, to reduce cryptographic outages caused by expired certificates, or to prepare for post-quantum cryptography.

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Application Scanning

CAP’s unique tracing technology sees all the calls to the cryptographic libraries made by an application and provides a full inventory of the cryptographic operations used, including: algorithms, keys, key lengths, key storage, and libraries used for each operation.

CAP also shows you where in the stacktrace vulnerabilities or non-compliances have been found and suggests remediations. You can test against standards such as NIST or ENISA, or build your own policy. Testing can be automated in CI/CD.

Use Cases:
Adding cryptography audit to CI/CD
Penetration testing of applications
Compliance reporting

Filesystem Scanning

Plenty of tools scan filesystems for certificates, but only CAP can also trace inside applications to show you which ones are used, and what they are used for.

By combining application scanning with filesystem scanning you get powerful insights into how your cryptographic assets are being used and stored. This avoids wasting time on false positives, and allows you to prioritize critical certificates that need management.

Use Cases:
Cryptography inventory
Compliance reporting
Eliminating certificate outages
Simplifying risk management for secrets

Cloud Keystore Scanning

CAP scans your key storage to give you full visibility on the keys in your cloud KMS, including any non-compliances.

In combination with application scanning, CAP shows every key that an application uses, and lets you deep dive on every operation to see how it is stored, where in the code it is used, and exactly what it is doing.

Use Cases:
Migrating to cloud keystores (e.g. Azure Key Vault, GCP KMS, AWS KMS)
Compliance reporting
Cryptography inventory

Secure Hardware Scanning

CAP's PKCS#11 module shows you all the calls an application makes to the HSM, including all the keys that are stored there and how they are protected and used.

CAP also has a state-of-the art HSM fuzzer that reveals any vulnerabilities or errors in the HSMs implementation and configuration.

Use Cases:
Migrating from legacy HSMs to cloud-based services
Getting full visibility on existing HSM use
Compliance reporting

Analyze Your Infrastructure

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