Cryptosense Analyzer Platform

Cryptosense Analyzer Platform (CAP) keeps your sensitive data secure by giving you full visibility, control and management of ALL your cryptographic objects.

All your cryptography

360° View of Cryptography Use, Enterprise-Wide

By combining analysis of cryptography throughout your infrastructure, Cryptosense Analyzer Platform (CAP) gives you powerful insight into how you use cryptography.

CAP analyzes your applications to see how they are using cryptography: from encrypting data at rest or in transit, to signing and verifying code. It builds a full cartography of all your cryptographic objects and how they are used: from application cryptography, to keys and certificates, and from cloud cryptography services to secure hardware.

CAP gives you full visibility, plus vulnerability and compliance analysis, all in one tool.


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How Does Analyzer Provide Full Visibility?

Application Scanning

Full visibility on the cryptography happening inside your applications.

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Filesystem Scanning

Discovery of keys and certificates inside your filesystems.

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Hardware Fuzzing

Test that hardware is correctly configured and deployed.

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Integrate in DevOps

CAP is used by security architects to verify deployments, by compliance teams to ensure that sensitive data remains protected, and by in-house cryptography experts to ensure that corporate policies are being followed.

Protect Data from Attack

CAP suggests remediation actions for vulnerabilities and integrates with issue trackers, CI/CD tools, and other security software. Regular use of CAP enables you to track continuous improvement of your cryptographic security posture.

Enable Transformation

Use CAP's insights to enable transformation projects such as adopting cloud, to speed up the deployment cycle without compromising on data protection and compliance, to reduce cryptographic outages caused by expired certificates, or to prepare for post-quantum cryptography.

CAP Use Cases

Analyze Your Applications

Request free trial access to our SaaS platform to run a test on your applications and discover how your cryptographic assets are being used and stored.

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