Partners & Resellers

3Key Company

Data Protection Consultancy

3Key Company are a data protection and data analysis consultancy dedicated to improving security design. They are experienced data security experts, working for many years in multinational financial services companies. 3Key have partnered with Cryptosense to implement Analyzer as part of the automated security analysis toolset in the SDLC.

3key company

Ca’ Foscari University

Informatics Department

Cryptosense has a long standing relationship with researchers at the University of Ca’ Foscari in Venice, lead by Professor Riccardo Focardi. Our state-of-the-art CS Analyzer software is regularly updated to include the results of academic research.

ca foscari


Security Consultancy

Adikts is a Paris-based consultancy firm focussing on helping people ensure that their applications stay secure in the AWS cloud.


Unbound Tech

Cybersecurity Firm

Unbound is an Israel-based cybersecurity startup. They use multi-party computation (SMPC) to protect secrets such as cryptographic keys by ensuring they never exist in complete form. They also provide a virtual HSM which allows organizations to avoid lock-in when migrating to cloud.


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