About Cryptosense

Cryptosense’s mission is to make secure cryptography easy to use for everyone.

That means solving problems of visibility, policy control and vulnerability analysis everywhere cryptography is used.

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What's the problem with cryptography?

Cryptography is used to protect sensitive data; with the increase in digital communication, banking and connected devices in recent years, the problem of ensuring that our data is secure is bigger than ever.

When perfectly implemented and maintained cryptography provides security we can rely on, but when you combine complex IT, with legacy applications and human error, unfortunately errors are hard to avoid. These errors leave enterprises vulnerable to attack by malicious third parties looking exploit them to steal sensitive data.

The threat of such an attack is growing. Recent high-profile attacks have caused significant financial and reputational damage to companies like SolarWinds, CapitalOne and Uber.

Our product, Cryptosense Analyzer Platform responds to the need within large enterprises to scale cryptography management across their infrastructure. Originally designed to discover vulnerabilities in cryptography implementation in applications and hardware, the tool has evolved to provide a holistic 360° view of data protection mechanisms enterprise-wide.

Cryptosense is the world's leading platform for cryptography lifecycle management, trusted by leading financial institutions and technology companies.

What is Cryptography Lifecycle Management?

Cryptography lifecycle management (CLM) is a combination of technologies and practices that allow an organization to control the way that cryptography is used to protect sensitive data throughout their applications and infrastructure. It enables accurate risk assessment for threats, simplifies compliance and allows enterprise-wide enforcement of cryptography policy.

CLM gives the security team visibility on all the encryption, signature and other operations they are using every time a user is authenticated, code is signed, a network security transaction occurs, or cryptography is used anywhere for any purpose; as well as the keys, certificates and data involved. It allows instant analysis of this information for security and compliance, and the ability to take action smoothly to change the way cryptography is used.

Based on Academic Research

After 15 years as an academic researcher working closely with industry, Cryptosense founder Graham Steel, PhD. saw the need for a tool that would enable enterprises to protect themselves from data theft by ensuring that their cryptography was deployed securely. His experience as an industry consultant showed him that whilst cryptography is embedded throughout every company’s applications and infrastructure, often no one had any visibility on what it was doing, resulting in security gaps and vulnerabilities.

In 2013 Graham saw that the market was ripe for an automated tool to provide much needed visibility on cryptography use and control the way that sensitive data was protected. He is proud to have been joined in his mission to secure the world's cryptography by a group of talented colleagues and advisors.

Cryptosense is backed by top rated Silicon Valley and European venture capital firms: Amadeus Capital Partners, Elaia Partners, and BGV.

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Our mission is to enable our customers to protect their sensitive data by democratizing access to securely deployed cryptography. We’re always interested in hearing from people who share our values, get in touch to find out about current vacancies.

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