Cryptography Management at the Speed of DevOps

Get full visibility on your cryptography during development and a full inventory in production. Resolve compliance issues before release and find and remediate dangerous vulnerabilities with ease.

Cryptosense integrates into your CI/CD and supports software, hardware and cloud crypto services, making best practice cryptography fast, easy, and accessible to developers.

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Find the Cryptography you’re looking for. All of it.

Get instant visibility on all your cryptography, where you need it, and when you need it. Cryptography is a team game and your code is only one of the players. Cryptosense intercepts all the crypto-calls your application makes so that you can even see cryptography coming from libraries, middleware, key managers, config files, hosts, and containers.

We’re Cryptography Experts so you don’t have to be

See every major cryptographic vulnerability in your app without becoming a crypto-expert. Cryptosense integrates with your existing toolchain so you get results in minutes instead of days. Cryptosense lets your developers self-serve via their preferred tool sets so they get precise insight on how to fix vulnerabilities or compliance issues during testing.

Get Actionable Steps for FIPS & FedRAMP

See exactly what you need to do for FIPS 140-3. Cryptosense comes with pre-configured compliance profiles that show every issue you need to address in the code and in the wider ecosystem.

Cryptography Management that comes to you, not the other way around.

Cryptosense integrates in your CI/CD to make cryptography management easy for you. Integrate with Jenkins, Github Actions, Jira, and other tools so your developers can self-serve. Get the information you need, in the places you need it. 

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Trusted by customers worldwide.

Cryptosense secures the applications that handle 70% of interbank messages, core products of a global database vendor, the EU backend of the world's largest ATM provider, and 45% of US credit card transactions.

Cryptography Knowledge Base

Cryptography expertise is hard to find. Use our cryptography knowledge base to learn about key management best practice, FedRAMP compliance, ISO 27001, preparing for post-quantum cryptography, and more.

Join the team!

We're looking for interesting and intelligent people to help achieve our goal of secure cryptography everywhere. You don't need to have a background in cryptography, remote work is possible.

See our current vacancies for more information about the roles open right now, or if you think you're a great fit for our team send us your CV.