Automated Cryptographic Security Audit

Cryptosense provides state-of-the-art analysis software to help businesses eliminate the vulnerabilities caused by insecure use of cryptography in their applications and infrastructure.

With Cryptosense you can…

Find cryptographic vulnerabilities in your applications and infrastructure, understand your cryptography landscape, and optimise remediation resources.



Add cryptographic vulnerability assessment to the SDLC

Quickly understand the vulnerability landscape of an application or HSM without painstaking manual analysis. Track cryptography KPIs, reduce time spent on remediations, and ensure that correct policy is being followed.

Automated cryptographic security audits

Efficiently prepare for audits by eliminating vulnerabilities in advance. Optimise cryptography expertise resources by only treating real findings – not false positives.

Secure cryptography for cloud migrations

Understand the cartography of the cryptography in your application. Ensure security is maintained as you rearchitect, switch libraries, or deploy applications in the cloud.

“SAST does not go as far as Cryptosense in the detailed analysis of cryptographic calls. The value is in the relevance of findings. One can see many more things with Cryptosense than with SAST.”

International PKI Software Company

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How we’re different:


1. Trace Analysis

Cryptosense trace analysis allows us to see 100% of calls to cryptographic libraries, without needing access to source code. To test libraries, we replace the application with our fuzzer.


2. Unique Rule Base

Traces are run through our proprietary analysis algorithms and checked against our unique rule base. Rules are continually updated in line with academic results.


3. Few False Positives

On average <1 false positive out of 800+ instances per report. Reports include links to stacktraces for fast debugging and compliance analysis.

Cryptosense is…

A unique rule base, proprietary algorithms and a patent-pending analysis method.

Cryptosense software is based on technology developed by one of the world’s leading applied cryptography labs. Our rules and algorithms are constantly updated thanks to internal R&D and partnerships with labs in the research community.

Based in Paris, France, Cryptosense provides its solutions to the financial services industry, government agencies, and software and hardware producers. To arrange a test on your applications, contact or call us on +1 646-893-7657.

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Use Cryptosense Analyzer to audit your applications and infrastructure, understand your crypto landscape, and optimise bug-fix resources.