Master your Cryptography

Vulnerability Assessment Software for Cryptography.


How Cryptosense Works



Cryptosense software sniffs network traffic, scans servers and examines host libraries and applications to discover where cryptography is being used.


Our tools check for poor use of crypto, key-management flaws and vulnerable crypto implementations.


Cryptosense monitors applications’ use of crypto libraries and encrypted network traffic, sending alerts if out-of-standard configurations are found.

Why Cryptosense?


Cryptography is used to secure core business assets against sophisticated and determined attackers, so it’s vital that it works as it should. Cryptosense software allows you to:

  • Identify and remediate security risks in your crypto infrastructure
  • Security-audit third party applications that use crypto for security: both key management and use of cryptographic operations
  • Select optimal configurations for your infrastructure to minimize risk
  • Monitor your crypto applications and providers to signal anomalies and pass audits easily.


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