There’s a better way to manage cryptography

Cryptosense Analyzer Platform gives you full control of the cryptography used in your applications.

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Analyzer Platform for Cryptography

Cryptosense Analyzer Platform – Smart Cryptography Management

intelligent software


Vulnerability analysis
Key lifecycle mapping
3rd party risk assessment

integrated into the SDLC


Open API
Integrated dashboards
Web UI & Exports

full coverage


SaaS or On-premise
Java, .NET, OpenSSL and PKCS#11

Cryptography Inventory

Whatever your project, you’ll need an inventory of your cryptography to get started. Migrate to the cloud, ensure “crypto agility” and check compliance with CS Analyzer.

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build a crypto inventory

cryptography appsec tools

Automated Cryptography Audit

Avoid accidentally deploying vulnerable cryptography. Add automated crypto audits to your SDLC.

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Manage Cryptography in the Cloud

Use cloud cryptography services without fear of compromising security or compliance. Continuously monitor applications in the cloud. Verify the configuration of the cloud KMS or HSM.

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Our Unique Technology

trace analysis

Trace Analysis

Cryptosense trace analysis allows us to see 100% of calls to cryptographic libraries, without needing access to source code. To test libraries, we replace the application with our fuzzer.

unique rule base

Proprietary Research

Traces are run through our proprietary analysis algorithms and checked against our unique rule base. Rules are continually updated in line with academic results.

low false positive rate

Data Analysis

Query data to integrate with CI/CD, check against compliance criteria and get smart visualizations for key lifecycle mapping. Migrate keys to the cloud easily.

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Innovation Based on Academic Research

Cryptosense software is based on technology developed by one of the world’s leading applied cryptography labs.

The rules and algorithms used by our flagship product CS Analyzer to detect cryptographic vulnerabilities are constantly updated thanks to internal R&D and partnerships with labs in the research community.

Customers include technology companies, payment systems operators, banks, secure hardware and software manufacturers, and multinational financial services corporations.