Master your Cryptographic Infrastructure

If your business depends on cryptography, you need to know it's secure. Cryptosense produces software for identifying and controlling cryptographic security risks.

Use Cases

Users of Crypto

Banks, payment operators and other businesses who want to assess the security of their crypto infrastructure and put controls in place which can be monitored.

Securing applications, HSMs, smartcards, crypto libraries

Penetration Testers & Security Consultants

Who want to quickly and efficiently identify security risks related to the use of cryptography, leaving them more time to apply their expertise to their clients’ systems.

Finding flaws fast

Manufacturers of Cryptographic Devices

Who want to test their products for compliance and identify security issues early in the development cycle, to lower costs and time to market while increasing customer assurance.

Load, stress and compliance testing

About Cryptosense

Cryptosense software employs a unique mix of formal analysis, symbolic machine learning and cryptanalysis to find security flaws in cryptographic systems before your adversaries do. Our customers include banks and government security agencies. Based in central Paris, the Cryptosense team has over 40 years experience of applied cryptography in academia and industry.

Cryptosense Software Suite

Conventional vulnerability management
software checks a list of known attacks.

Cryptosense software imitates an
intelligent attacker to find and prevent
attacks on your specific installation.

Cryptosense Analyzer is the core software offering of Cryptosense. The Analyzer works by using a combination of a patent-pending symbolic machine learning algorithm and a custom developed model-checker. It learns a model of an HSM, Smartcard or software crypto interface under test, creates a model of the device in memory, and searches the model for flaws. Attacks found include cryptanalytic attacks, logical key management policy flaws, implementation errors, and combinations of these. All vulnerabilities found in the model can be tested directly on the device, eliminating false positives.

The full Cryptosense software package also includes Cryptosense MonitorCryptosense App Tracer and Cryptosense Simulator.


The attack methodology embodied in Cryptosense is unique.Technical Director
A European national security agency

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Cryptosense Analyzer is available for PKCS#11

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